Apple denies rumors concerning launch of its own mobile operator

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Yesterday afternoon an apparent leak of information indicating Apple spread that the company plans to start providing virtual mobile service operator in the United States and, if successful, to reach Europe months later. The most interesting rumor was that thanks to the new SIM cards Apple could change operator at any time, without unnecessary formalities, and offer a new type of data offers more friendly to users.

Today the company denied the rumor through a statement stating, “We have not discussed nor do we have any plans to launch an MVNO”.

CNBC Tweet

Despite Apple’s refusal to enter the mobile telephony market , it is not certain that the idea is deleted completely from the heads of the shareholders of Apple. But the denial, something the company does not usually do about the hundreds of rumors that arise around it, could be motivated to not raise any hassle of current operators, with whom they have agreements to sell several current and future phones.


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