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Apple's iPhone 7 Plus has already sold out

Written by Matt Brian

In a break from tradition, Apple said last week that it would no longer report the volumes of new iPhones it sells over the first pre-order weekend. The justification, according to the company, is that pre-order numbers are “no longer a representative metric” and that it basically knew the iPhone 7 would sell out anyway. That prophecy has come to pass, at least in part, after Apple released a statement confirming that it has already allocated all of its iPhone 7 Plus stock and sold all Jet Black iPhone 7s.

Apple told TechCrunch: “Beginning Friday, limited quantities of iPhone 7 in silver, gold, rose gold, and black will be available for walk-in customers at Apple retail stores. During the online pre-order period, initial quantities of iPhone 7 Plus in all finishes and iPhone 7 in jet black sold out and will not be available for walk-in customers.” Put simply, if you’re looking to get an iPhone on launch day (September 16th), it’s probably best that you don’t visit an Apple Store. The company’s partners, including carriers, will have differing stock levels, but may be better placed to handle your order.

You can, of course, order online. However, that means you’ll have to wait until the backlog clears. In the US and the UK, both iPhone 7 models are showing a 2-3 week wait time on the Apple website. It’s also clear that if you’re after the new Jet Black variant — which has undergone a “precision, nine-step anodization and polishing process” — you may need to wait up to five weeks for the iPhone 7 to become available or until November for a shiny black iPhone 7 Plus.

To that, Apple says: “We sincerely appreciate our customers’ patience as we work hard to get the new iPhone into the hands of everyone who wants one as quickly as possible.”

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  • “no increased battery volume”

    Wrong. We have increased battery size and battery life in the 7.
    Also that problem you refer to has been solved for years. My network sends a text if you miss a call, and you can set repeat reminders for messages, although it does kinda suck you can’t do this for calls straight off the bat.
  • You’re wrong on every point you tried to make. The iPhone7 does have a larger battery. Not only that, the iPhone manages the battery far more efficiently than Samsung phones.
    That’s why Samsung has to use larger batteries and try to recharge them at a faster rate just to keep up. Which is why their latest and greatest phone has a bad habit of blowing up.
    The new iPhone does have audio output. You can either use the lightning port or wireless headphones. Both deliver digital audio without having to convert it to analog. Unlike your technology that’s literally from the 1960s.
    By removing the analog audio jack, they have freed up room for a larger processor and battery while providing superior audio quality.
    iOS is far more stable and efficient than Android. Because Android has to work on so many different phones from different manufacturers, it’s loaded with bloatware. This leads to Android running slower.
    iOS makes life easier for developers of third-party apps. Because they have to write less code, more developers focus on iOS and they provide better support. The apps themselves are more stable and far less likely to crash than Android versions of the same app.
    Android offers more flexibility if you want to be different for the sake of being different. But it comes at the price of using a slower, less reliable product.

  • Samsung made the most sophisticated grenade called NOTE 7, oh you can also make calls with it. Protesters will love this new technology.

  • Yes, because Apple made fewer of them simply so shills like Engadget could plaster this bullshit on their site.

    Apple continues its war against usefulness and its own customers, releasing an insulting turd with no audio output, no increased battery volume, and a regressive OS that still doesn’t fix glaring design defects.
    It’s pathetic. They still haven’t fixed this embarrassing flaw that has existed since day one:
    Now they double down with this, calling consumers stupid:
  • Maybe even Apple underestimated the stupidity of the public.

    You just voted for a product that calls you an imbecile. Congratulations.
  • They do it to create the “sold out” hype. As you may imagine, they know how many they need to make. Very basic and old marketing strategy.
    Sorry, you’ve been duped by the masters of “customer duping”.

  • Why release a product that simply is not ready to meet the demand!

    Having placed an order for the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black the moment preorder opened, I am exceptionally disappointed in not having received the product today, or at the very least, in not being contacted & advised of this issue & being given the opportunity to change my preorder preference.
    I was continually told that my order would be available today, then to arrive & be told it’s on back order & most likely may take until November to receive. So unhappy! Unhappy enough to consider giving Apple to flick completely.
    Again, why release a product that you cannot meet the demand. Absolutely atrocious way to start a new release!
  • Its amazing how after all these years Apple haters keep posting that Apple is faking shortages and claim it’s non-news but read and post comments and every Apple article.

  • Its amazing how consistently short stocked Apple products are, and how eager bloggers are to pick up that piece of non-news and help spread the faux hype.

    The entire article should be “apple releases device, sold out as planned.”
  • You’re right, every year it is the same.

    The same people say the same thing as you and a few days later it’s revealed they have sold ~13 million new iPhones in the opening weekend.
  • Every year, it’s the same. I believe they deliberately create a shortage for marketing gain., if you make your product appear limited, then people will think it’s a premium and exclusive product and will want it. Psyc 101.

  • Marketing done right… creating expectation and the feeling that is is sooo good it already sold out… They could have thousands of phones available and say: “oh… it sold out”…

  • That is what the Keynote and thousands of Hands-On, reviews, video, real world photos, press shots, commercials, etc are for. It’s to prep you for that choice, it’s the reason the Keynote happens before pre order. But as with anything and everything it’s never a sure thing until it’s physically in your hands.

  • Who gives a shit what color your insult comes in?

    Apple just removed the audio output from its best-selling music players, thus calling consumers stupid. And you’re slobbering all over yourself to prove them right.
  • I seriously wish Apple had sent out demo units or at least a color swatch. Anything that would show the difference between the jet black and matte finish.

    Apple’s been known to have inaccurate color descriptions. Their version of “Space Gray” on the iPhone6 was not like on the iPhone 5s. It was a much lighter shade that was closer to the silver version than anything. It’s odd that you’d be expected to fork out a good amount of cash blindly, without seeing at least the color you’re getting beforehand.
    Still upgrading mine, regardless, but I think Apple’s one of the few companies that is able to do this and succeed.
    tl;dr: WTF is Jet Black and shutup and take my money.
  • Historically, it’s all about Apple trying to keep its inventory levels in balance. It’s much better to be conservative about demand and step up production later than overshoot. It not only spares you from having to carry excess inventory, but makes you look better to investors.

  • So their analyst must be fired if what you say is true. You can look at the number of iPhones sold in previous years and make a forecast on how many iPhones should be available to sell. But if you limit your product, it will make the product appear to be exclusive so more people will trip on themselves so that they can feel like they’re in the “in” crowd. Psyc 101.

  • I can’t believe that people are still claiming that Apple are deliberately producing such small quantities of iPhone to increase demand. They are Apple, they could produce basically anything and people would probably still buy it. I think each year they surprise themselves with how many people annually buy the latest iPhone model. It is not surprising with all the latest features, especially the internal ones; Also adding onto the comment below, the way they connect all of the devices together so simply people who have one Apple device feel like they need the iPad, iPhone, Mac as a set to make their life just that little bit easier

  • Flip it, anyone dumb enough to be separated from their money for this phone deserves to do so at the highest possible cost.

  • I did. One word: customization.

    IOS not as free as Android, you’re more restricted with your choices. With Android, you’re able to pick different messaging apps, different web browser apps, different chat theme apps, different media playing apps, etc. You can choose what apps will be your default for that type of execution meanwhile not so much with Apple, they’re much more locked down and controlled. After trying the iPhone 6 Plus, it’s a fine phone, but just not for me so I switched back to Android with the Note 7. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this phone.
  • Oh plenty have left Android for an iPhone 6/6s, but nobody would ditch Android or even an old iPhone for an iPhone 7 (it’s pathetic).

  • For my Note 7 loaner phone I’ve requested an iPhone 6s+ to check out what the hype is about. I figure by the time the new Note 7’s are ready I’ll be able to return the loaner and decide if I’d like the iPhone 7 or Note 7.

    Has anyone here left a flagship Android phone for Apple?

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