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Apple's renewed fight against AIDS includes new iPhone cases

Written by Jon Fingas

Apple has made a tradition of marking World AIDS Day with a campaign to donate to the Product (RED) charity, and it’s going the extra mile for its 10th year of support. On top of the company’s existing (RED) gear (which sends a contribution to the Global Fund’s fight against AIDS), it’s launching four new accessories and devices that count toward the charity. You can get red versions of the iPhone 7 Battery Case, the leather iPhone SE case, Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones and the Beats Pill+ wireless speaker. All of these are available today, and there are other ways to help out even if you have no intentions of buying hardware.

To begin with, purchasing anything at an Apple store (physical or online) through Apple Pay between now and December 6th will donate $1 toward (RED), up to a maximum of $1 million. Bank of America will match those donations if you buy using one of its cards. You can also buy an album from The Killers (Don’t Waste Your Wishes) on iTunes with all US proceeds heading to the fund. Beyond this, in-app purchases in 20 high-profile iOS games (including Angry Birds 2, Clash of Clans and PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator) will contribute to the anti-AIDS campaign through December 7th.

These individual efforts may seem like drops in the bucket, but Apple has historically been one of Product (RED)’s strongest contributors — it had raised $65 million by 2013. And while a bona fide cure is still years away, the United Nations now believes that you could realistically see the end of AIDS by 2030. You may only make a small difference by yourself, but the combined effort adds up.

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  • or instead of most of your money going to apple pay and the apple itunes store ,

    why dont you make sure all the money goes to the aids charity ? DIRECT !
  • I deleted my comment, and do not wish harm upon Jon or anyone. It was definitely in bad taste and I didn’t think I hit submit. Not an excuse, and I apologize.

  • Why not tell that to JamesO and others when someone posts something that is not Pro-Apple. How dare people have an options that is not all love for Apple and it’s products and practices.

  • Android bashing and Apple bashing and general blinkered brand loyalty from the trolls is all part of tech blogs – its weird but hey, life is weird – but when people start to wish harm and even death on another person just because they use a brand they don’t like a mark has been overstepped and something needs to be done by the site owners.

  • Because people are visiting the Apple store to buy products; supporting a charity is just the proverbial cherry on top.
    Do you really need to ask why someone at an ice cream parlor would order a sundae (with a cherry on top) when they could have gone somewhere else and had a bowl of cherries?

  • Well, here’s what I noticed. Recently, Apple stopped issuing updates for iTunes that runs on older Mac OSX versions. What this means now, is that some cusotmers, with older laptops will need to buy a new laptop; syncing capability is broken. Not much fun if you have an iPhone 128GB and it’s nearly full. That means you’ll have to upgrade to a new Macbook with a 256GB SSD drive. It gets expensive fast!
    That’s a pretty big issue if you like Apple products, why not donate directly to the charity of your choice..? Apple will only get PR releases like this, and a footnote in paperwork filed with the SEC.

  • you can even use apple pay , download music and buy in app purchases ,

    so who gets more charity or ????! ?.?

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