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Delphi and MobilEye will demo their self-driving tech at CES

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We’ll finally get a chance to see what MobilEye’s been up to since it split up with Tesla at CES 2017 in January. The company and its new partner Delphi will showcase their automated driving system called Centralized Sensing Localization and Planning (CSLP) at the yearly event in Las Vegas. They’re calling CSLP the “first turnkey, fully integrated automated driving solution with an industry-leading perception system and computing platform.” Their test vehicle will drive 6.3 miles of combined highway and urban roads to tackle various challenges drives face, including navigating tight city streets, looking out for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as merging on the highway.

According to the partners, their self-driving platform can pinpoints its location within 10 centimeters even without GPS and can navigate roads without lane markings. It can also detect pedestrians and even other cars from all angles. They plan to release the completed version of CSLP in 2019.

Delphi VP Glen De Vos said in a statement:

“Three factors will separate the leader from the pack in the race to offer driverless vehicles by 2019-best-in-class perception sensors such as cameras, radar and LiDAR, automotive experience and computer processing speed. We will demonstrate the capability of the CSLP solution in our intensive drive at CES2017 in Las Vegas.”

We’ll be in Vegas to cover the yearly tech convention and will let you know how the demo goes.

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