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Dot : The first ever SmartWatch for the blind

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Technological innovation does not stop, and a field that currently has been gaining in production of devices is intended for users with impaired vision. In recent months we have seen tablets, printers and even comics created for blind people, so it was only a matter of time for someone to design the first  SmartWatch using Braille .

Like other similar systems, the clock is based on Dot points that allow communicating messages in Braille. Instead of having a conventional touch screen, on the site where it is located the screen is an array of upgradeable points . The “screen” is composed of a series of points that are raised or retracted to create the characters.

Dot smartwatch

Thanks to its internal mechanism, messages, notifications and time can be known by users in private, something not seen with the current voice assistants used by many blind people.

According to the creators of Dot, the watch has all the functions of a conventional smartwatch, including time, alarm, a messaging application capabilities, web browsing, Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with e-books, so users may read texts in Braille directly from the watch. It has a minimum of 10 hours of battery life with constant use and a maximum of five days without recharging. To use it is necessary to pair it with a standard SmartWatch, which sends multimedia messages and content and translates Dot.

Dot developers

Currently the clock is in phase of funding, but the Korean company behind the device say their greatest appeal is its price: less than $ 300 . Dot is expected to be ordered before the end of the year.

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