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Furby gets smarter, but it's still pretty damn creepy

Written by Billy Steele

Hasbro revived one of the late ’90s most iconic toys a few years ago, and now there’s another new version. We’re talking about Furby of course, and the new Furby Connect has Bluetooth to handle regular updates. The idea is to use the wireless connectivity with a mobile app for Amazon Fire, Android and iOS devices to deliver new content to the interactive playmate on the regular. That new content will come from the likes of Kidz Bop and other age-appropriate publishers.

As you might expect from a Furby, the new version reacts to sound and touch with 1,000 phrases and animations for its LCD screen eyes. Hasbro says the gadget has more natural movement and built-in sensors to help it respond to touch. It also keeps track of the date and time so it can remind you when it needs a snack. There’s a sleep mask so the toy gets its proper amount of rest, or you know, in case you don’t want Furby watching your slumber. Furby Connect is up for pre-order at Amazon for $100 before it starts shipping July 12th. Expect to see the toy at other retailers this fall, just in time for holiday shopping season.

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Billy Steele


  • I used to love hearing it burp. When my son was really young he ran down a hill with it and all I could hear was Furby burping. It was pretty funny.

  • Waterproofing this type of toy would require nearly tripling the price (since all new materials would need to be used) and at already $100+ it’s high end for it’s segment. Not only that, but doing so would drastically increase it’s weight, far outreaching the target child’s repeated lift for play. When I was a child I went through 2 Teddy Ruxpins because I thought he needed a bath when I got one so he came in with me. I never received a 3rd. Good lesson learned.

  • I wish they’d make a waterproof version, because it’s a nightmare if you get one of these wet. On the plus side, this latest model keeps track of time so you can avoid the tragedy associated with feeding it after midnight!

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