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Fuze is the first iPhone 7 headphone jack case you can preorder

It was only a matter of time until iPhone 7 accessory makers started delivering a slew of cases to bring back the 3.5mm headphone jack. But I didn’t expect the first case that you could actually preorder — Fuze — would come from a tiny Austin outfit’s Indiegogo campaign. For the most part, Fuze doesn’t pack in any surprises. It’s a traditional case for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that includes a headphone jack and also recharges your phone. That’s it! But given the outcry against the loss of the 3.5mm port, its basic feature set might still win over some fans.

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Fuze charges with a Lightning cable, and it packs in either a 2,400 mAh battery (for the iPhone 7 case) or a 3,600 mAh battery (for the larger Plus model). Based on the images and video available, Fuze looks surprisingly thin for a battery case. At 2.9 ounces, it would still add some noticeable heft to the 4.87 ounce iPhone 7, though.

Actual Innovation, the creators of Fuze, initially offered the case for $49 as a “super early bird” price on Indiegogo. That backing option sold out fast, so at the time of this post you can either get in for a $59 “early bird” price, or the $69 standard cost. The company claims the cases will start shipping in December, but as always with crowdfunding campaigns, take that timeline with a grain of salt. At least they’re not starting from scratch though — their crowdfunding site points out Fuze is built from an existing case from a longtime MFi (Made for iPhone) certified manufacturer. So far, they’ve raised over $41,000 of a $60,000 funding goal.

Fuze isn’t anything truly innovative, but it’s a sign that Mophie and other established case makers should start hustling with their iPhone 7 headphone jack solutions.

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  • Apple didn’t “try the same thing with FireWire” and they weren’t “wrong” about anything in the FireWire example. FireWire was an *additional* interface that existed alongside USB to support higher-speed applications (like video cameras and hard drives). Texas Instruments and Apple developed it because USB was way too slow for applications like capture and editing DV digital video. FireWire worked beautifully for that application for a number of years. It was used in the first iPods because syncing a 10GB iPod over USB would have taken TWO FRICKIN’ HOURS! In short, USB sucked for an application like that, and FireWire was awesome.

    Eventually, USB 2 (and later USB 3) negated much of the advantage of FireWire and its newer and faster variants, so it faded from use. It only took two generations for Apple to replace FireWire with USB on the iPod; not because they were “wrong” but because USB 2 offered a decent replacement with adequate bandwidth for the application.
    Still, even with USB 2 and 3 in common use now, you also have eSATA for connecting external hard drives, and Thunderbolt (Intel, originally LightPeak) for connecting RAID arrays and other high-bandwidth devices – because it’s massively faster than USB 3 and necessary for some applications like editing uncompressed video.
    It remains to be seen whether the headphone thing will be a good move. Nobody knows how this will work out. Regardless, the fuss that’s been made over it is ridiculous.
  • To those that say apple has done this before and ushered in a new paradigm with removal of the floppy disk/CD/DVD lets not forget that Apple tried the same thing with Firewire over USB, lets not forget the first few iPods only worked via firewire on mac. They have been wrong before and I believe they are wrong again.

  • Why would you buy an iPhone 7 even if a headphone jack is a priority? How about because you have a substantial investment in third-party apps? How about because you like the integration with third-party hardware? How about because you just prefer iOS?

  • This is just too funny. If a headphone jack is priority feature to you why on earth would you buy and iPhone 7? Just so you can put a bulky case on it? Even though there are many other phones on the market that come with headphone jacks.

  • The most innovative thinking Apple is left with is removing features to keep profit margin as high as possible.

  • If Apple is so “great” in getting rid of it, then why are they still selling all those haedphones/earbuds on their own store that use the “outdated” technology?

  • The problem is that they didn’t just get rid of it to move to say USB-C, they got rid of it expecting the whole world to use their lighting port which is only on Apple devices. Who honestly wants a future where you’re shopping for headphones “I’m looking to buy these Bose headphones but I see you only have the lighting port version in stock, do you have them for android?” What a pain!

  • Personally I am glad its gone, its out dated, yes out dated. Everything is already going through a DAC no matter what phone or headphone jack you are using. I am happy to use the adapter if I want to use my high quality head phones, or ill use bluetooth if I want portability or just hate lugging around a long wire and big headphones. Either way I get what I had before and am perfectly happy. People are making a big fuss over nothing really. If you really need to charge and listen to headphones at the same time, that is the only use case people can complain about, at least their is an adapter for that too, although I do think apple should charge half what they are.

  • you might think it’s a “bad phone” but whether you like it or not Apple is one of the top pioneers of smartphone market. It’s up there w/ Samsung and Nexus brand. iPhone is a good phone, and people have been voting with their wallet. This is why Samsung, Apple, and Nexus have been doing generally well over the years and HTC, LG, Sony have slipped.

    Headphone jack will eventually fade out just like floppy disk, VHS, CDs, … it’s a matter of when.
  • That would be why my Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t have a case. As far as the headphone jack fading away, I think not. Some of us still prefer flawless audio quality. They don’t make wireless headphones that are as good as the top studio monitors. Yet.

  • all you had to do was buy a good phone.

    now, people buy crappy phones then buy accessories to make their crappy phones work better. cases so make it tough. cases to make it waterproof. cases to make battery life longer. cases to make it have head phone jack. wth
    please people. just vote with your wallet and buy a good phone that works in the first place.

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