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GLM unveils its exotic electric G4 concept car

Written by Andrew Dalton

Green Lord Motors, better known as GLM, has been called the Tesla of Japan on more than one occasion. Founded in 2010, GLM has quietly been producing its own electric vehicle platform paired with a third-party body much in the same way Tesla launched its original Roadster. This week at the Paris Auto Show, GLM unveiled a concept for its own luxury sedan: the GLM G4 with 536 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds that puts it in striking distance of the Model S.

GLM claims the G4 gets a solid 248 miles of range. While that figure is expected to be lower once it gets an official EPA rating, the G4 is comfortably in the same ballpark as the Chevy Bolt, but it won’t outlast Tesla’s top of the line P100D just yet. On the other hand, GLM’s concept car is shooting for more than just luxury. According to the company’s announcement from Paris, “GLM interprets [EV] as Exotic Vehicle” rather than “electric.” True to that idea, the body styling is provided by Dutch supercar designers Savage Rivale and was originally meant to be a V8 supercar, but has been slightly redone to match GLM’s futuristic vision with four swooping gullwing doors, racing seats in the back and no shortage of digital screens.

Gallery: GLM electric concept car | 10 Photos

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Of course, the G4 is just a concept for now. So, there’s currently no word on pricing, availability or whether this thing will ever see a real production line.

Engadget editor Steve Dent also contributed additional photos and reporting from Paris.

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  • Those are butterfly doors, not gullwing.

    Gullwing doors are hinged near the centre of the roof exclusively and open perpendicular to the car, as on the Delorean and the Mercedes-Benz 300SL hardtop .
    In contrast butterflies are as pictured here, hinged on the flank and pillar of the car, as also seen on the Porsche 911 GT1 and MacLaren F1.
  • Yet another company showing something they’re no actually selling.
    Stop spending so much money making one-off things that will never make it to market.

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