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Google brings Maps' multi-stop feature to iOS

Written by Mariella Moon

Google is rolling out Maps’ multi-stop feature to the iOS app, making it easy to plan for road trips or even for a dreary day of running errands. The tech titan introduced the ability to set multiple destinations on Android back in June. Now that it’s also out for Apple’s mobile platform, you can simply tap “Add stop” and even rearrange destinations by holding and dragging them around if you have an iPhone. Just like when it was initially released, you might not be able to access the feature immediately. It might take a few days or so for the update to show up — for now, you’ll just have to plot routes the old way.

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  • Unfortunately they haven’t addressed the most useful feature something like this could have. Scenario: I am traveling from LA to Sacramento. I would like to stop at a Starbucks sometime in the next hour. What is the best Starbucks that works best with my current route?

  • Your definition of planning ahead is short sighted.

    Given a choice, if I have 10 mins before I need to leave, sitting on my couch in air conditioning, why would I choose to wait to input my destination later, when I’m sitting in my car either wasting gas idling or sweating into my seat fabric?
    This is extremely useful, deal with it.
    Also, you misspelled too.
  • You had to pay for enterprise API access and create this yourself if you wanted it in the past… unless you were on Symbian 10 years ago using Nokia Maps.

  • I can’t believe its 2016 and this is only now becoming a thing…..what we should be getting is a an option for the app provide the shortest/optimal route when multiple stops are listed. Would be killer for hitting a bunch of different stores, or doing deliveries etc.

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