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Google Home reportedly has Chromecast roots

Written by Jon Fingas

Google Home promises a minor revolution as far as around-the-home voice assistants go, but its hardware roots may be more than a little familiar. The Information‘s source understands that Home ultimately boils down to a Chromecast with a microphone, a speaker and a nice case — it reportedly has the same processor and WiFi chipset. The simple Linux-based operating system is also supposed to be similar (minus the voice command part, of course), although the same insider claims that a future Home might run on Android.

We’ve asked Google if it can confirm the report. However, using the Chromecast as a starting point makes sense. Google Assistant’s voice processing happens primarily in the cloud, so Home doesn’t need much in the way of local computing power — just enough to play music and listen for commands. It’s also reasonable to presume that Google wants to keep costs down, and using low-cost innards is bound to help on that front.

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  • I believe that there are a few electronics/PC makers that could really capitalize on this IF they can get Google to partner with them asap. A lot of people I know have a small TV in their kitchen or dining area. Maybe that’s a Black/Latino thing? lol I don’t know, but to me, they are common. Well, if somebody could make those dumb TVs have the powers of Google Home, it would be so awesome as you could see your query results appear on the large screen if needed, or even Picture-in-Picture, as the case may be. BUT I’d personally take the concept one giant step further though, because if you have a counter-top TV that already has a google computer in it, well then why not make it launch Chrome (Windows 10?) at the flip of a switch and include a stow-able keyboard and mouse. Now you would have something that could go from dumb TV to useful kiosk assistant to super productive PC, all in the form factor of say, a 17″ iMac. Now that would be a Transformer! I know many members of my family who would install one in their kitchens right away, because they already have laptops and desktop PCs cluttering up the dining area. Moreover, since it would only only have one power plug, it could easily go from counter-top to the dining room table for working on longer tasks or print things out. I wish I had the resources to make this, I would!

  • Not sure what the big issue is, I guess I always expected this product to be far more about software than hardward – just like the Echo, Apple’s Siri or otherwise. Google’s AI is all in the cloud anyway, nothing new there.

  • Well we already know what the Google Home will be, Google has already well announced most of that. And it’s based on the Chromcast software not Android. But it’s possible they will have tie ins. You can already control ChromeCast from the Google Home, so Google explains.

  • You actually need several anyway. Otherwise you’d be tied to the same room and it kind defeats the purpose of this assistant.

    My bet is $60

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