How to avoid excessive consumption of RAM in Windows 10

Excessive RAM
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For several months, Microsoft was preparing to release Windows 10 operating system. Some thought it would be good to wait for the new version of the operating system was consolidated before upgrading, because in regard to those who have upgraded, have arisen several problems, including excessive consumption of RAM.

Windows 10 is practically the evolution of the union of 7 and Windows 8.1 operating systems, a concept that would completely change the user experience. With the new version of Windows came new functions and features, and with that the operating system consumes too much RAM, but there is a solution and does not have to sacrifice some of its major developments .

So you know what I mean, you just open the Task Manager and find the processSystem and Windows Shell Host Experience . If you notice something unusual, you should consider the following recommendations.

Check system problems

Of course, problems with the operating system may occur when drivers are outdated or are inadequate, but this should not happen if we consider that Windows Update will search updates. It should also be noted that Microsoft was working with computer manufacturers to avoid such problems after the upgrade.

Moreover, if the system does not respond as expected or, in some cases, mismanagement of RAM is identified, you may be infected with malware and should be subjected thorough analysis with antivirus software. That done, you can free up memory by deleting unnecessary files and then proceed to disk defragmentation.

How to avoid excessive consumption of RAM in Windows 10?

If after following the above problem of excessive consumption of RAM persists, it is best to continue with the following recommendations.

The process System is the main RAM eater, because my PC came to consume up to 400 MB and causing it to slow down. As a workaround, users can disable the Windows tips and suggestions from the application  Settings> System> Notifications and actions .

Regarding process Experience Windows Shell Host , the procedure is as simple as just sacrificing customization option that Windows 10 offers to take the dominant color of the background image to set in the start menu, tiles and other interface. To do this, the user must go to  Settings> Personalize> Color.

Having done this, you will notice that the consumption of RAM has decreased and that in fact the problem to poor management of the operating system should be. This is one of the weaknesses of Windows 10, which should be solved as updates arrive, and that a company like Microsoft can not afford the user must look for other options.

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