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Leak: Samsung's next Gear VR works with your old phone

Written by Jon Fingas

The Galaxy Note 7 isn’t likely to be the only treat at Samsung’s August 2nd media event… and you may well be happy even if you have no intention of buying a new smartphone. Well-known tipster OnLeaks and French tech site Nowhereelse claim to have both a photo and details of the next Gear VR headset, and it’s all good news if true. While the virtual reality gear will reportedly support the Note 7, which should have a USB-C port, it should still support Samsung flagship phones as far back as the Galaxy S6. And it could be a more immersive experience, too — the new Gear supposedly has a wider 110-degree view versus the 96 degrees of its predecessor, so it’ll feel less like you’re staring through a porthole.

There’s no mention of pricing in the leak, although the sources hint that the new wearable might arrive in August (ahead of the Note 7 itself, which may wait until September). Last year’s Gear VR sold for $99, mind you, and it wouldn’t be out of line for this version to remain similarly affordable.

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  • It’s not mentioned because it won’t work. By old phone, the author meant old Samsung phone. The Gear VR headsets have never been compatible with anything other than the S or Note series. The software this connects to is built into the phone and not available for download. The original Innovators edition even went as far as having a modified micro USB plug so even other Samsung devices couldn’t be used with it. As much as I’d love to see this compatible with other phones, that models is a few years away, if it ever come.

  • If my new ZTE Axon 7 can play with it I’m really interested. No sign from the leak whether that’s a possibility.

  • I dunno, I still don’t buy it. The only reason I can think of that Sammy would add an otherwise superfluous IMU and micro USB connector to the GVR2 (Daydream specifies on-device low latency IMU and USB3) would be so that existing S6-7 gen users who don’t already have a GVR and buy the new one will be able to keep it when they upgrade their device. I don’t see much incentive for Sammy there other than the simplicity of a single model.

    Despite the rumours I think S8+ only and dual Daydream and Oculus support for GVR2.

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