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Logitech's new mouse works with three computers at once

Written by Sean Buckley

If you’ve ever used more than one computer at once, you know that juggling extra mice can be kind of annoying. Logitech thinks it doesn’t have to be: the company has just announced a new mouse designed specifically for folks who use more than one computer at a time. Okay, maybe that’s a small segment of the population — but for the right person, the M720 Triathlon could be a godsend.

The $70/GBP60 Triathlon’s chief trick is its ability to connect to three devices simultaneously — allowing users to switch between machines with the click of a button. The mouse can connect with Logitech’s Unifying Receiver, or directly over Bluetooth, and boasts compatibility for Windows, Mac OS, Chrome, Android and Linux. It also claims to last for up to two years on one AA battery. Not bad. Too bad it doesn’t come with an equally versatile keyboard

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  • Great if all 3 devices are Windows machines (or Mac or Linux if one is using Synergy). Not so great if they are Android, iOS or something altogether different that works with a Bluetooth mouse.

  • I’m hoping that 24 hour battery life is a mistake. Also, why not incoporate the “quiet” features of their silent mouse?

  • This is basically the MX Master with a slightly different shape, slightly lower quality (looking) build, and AA battery instead of built-in rechargeable, for $30 less.

  • Please explain how you would navigate with a mouse on an OS that doesn’t have a cursor?

    It’s not a laptop replacement. It’s a tablet with a touch interface.
  • I felt the same amount of disappointment when I discovered my surfboard wasn’t good for skiing. Was a bitch to carry on the lift too 😉

  • As a user of an iPad Pro 9.7, desktop Mac and misc Android devices, the lack of a mouse on iOS kills it, sorry. The speed with which you can select, MULTIPLE select and drag items on a mouse driven GUI is multiple fold over prodding around with a finger or stylus. Although the iPad Pro 9.7 is very powerful, well made and does everything smoothly, it is a huge waste of hardware. I can plug my £100 Android phone into a monitor via MHL and connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and turn it into a PC capable of streaming 1080P videos, or 4K on a more powerful phone.

    Apple have knobbled iOS to make people buy multiple devices. If it wasn’t for the fact Windows is a disaster (spent a year trying to like Windows 10), I would go back to owning a Surface Pro 4, superb hardware and form factor and a real OS.
  • You’ve just described Synergy, a $10 cross-platform app that does this over the network pretty effectively. Like, very, very deliberately and accurately, almost like you were baiting someone to come along and say this. 😛

    It’s good software; occasionally a little buggy (mainly with full-screen apps like games on Windows), but I’ve been happily using it for over a decade to manage 2-5 computers across Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • I like this idea.

    What I think would be really neat is to remove the button. When the mouse hits the end of one computer screen, it moves to the next one. Almost as if they were a single device.
    Couple that with the keyboard, and add in the ability use this system for transmitting copy/paste information… this could be a real game changer.
  • Yeah, I want the companion keyboard. The ability to have a keyboard and mouse connected to multiple unifying receivers, and maybe a radio link between the input devices so that when you switch the mouse to computer 3, the keyboard follows, would be fantastic. Bye bye KVM switch.

  • They should do a package deal: keyboard and mouse with multiple Unifying Receivers.

    Then have a button on the keyboard and mouse to cycle through the receivers. It’d save me from running wires from a KVM switch all across the back of my desk.

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