Meet Microsoft’s six year old new prodigy

Humza Shahzad
Written by Mr. Hungry Man

Humza Shahzad is the youngest ever to pass exams to become individual software specialist of Microsoft : Excel, Word and PowerPoint. This doesn’t sound to be anything special, unless the person or precisely to say the kid is only 6 years of age, according to the BBC .

According to this little genius, he passed the three exams to become specialist,which seemed easy and his dream to be like Bill Gates when he grows up. Shahzad said :

“I want to use my wealth to help improve the lives of the world’s poor.”

His first computer came when he was 2 ½ years, far from using it to play, he was educated to learn useful things. During his short life, he has received help from his parents to become the brilliant mind that he is today. For the first test, that of Word , studied with them. But for the other two, Excel and PowerPoint, he received no help of any kind.

Shahzad lives in London, and both his parents and his teachers are very proud of him.

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