Microsoft officially unveiled the Xbox One chatpad

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At today’s Gamescom press conference Microsoft at last officially unveiled one of their new Xbox One accessory that gamers were waiting for a long time now. It’s their chatpad that you can attach to your Xbox One controller. Cool as hell.

The chatpad is quite easy to work with. You have to only attach it to the bottom of your controller and that’s it. The chatpad offers two programmable buttons so that you can use its full potential which means the QWERTY keyboard layout of the device.

Xbox One chatpad

We have seen many third party developers to bring such products for a long time but it is always better to see an official product from the company itself. You might expect that this chatpad should also work on Windows 10 then you are not wrong at all, after all Microsoft knows what’s good for business.

According to Microsoft, the retail price of the Xbox One chatpad would be $34.99, or UK 29.99/EU 34.99 and they promised to make the device available for users from November . But if you are willing to have one then you should pre-order from today.

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