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Microsoft renames its Health app after the Band wearable

Sure, Microsoft may not be releasing a new version of its Band activity tracker this year. But that hasn’t stopped the company from rebranding its generically named Health app on Android, as noticed by Paul Thurrott. “We’ve got a new name! The Microsoft Health app is now the Microsoft Band app, everything else is the same,” the patch notes say.

Apparently, bug fixes are a part of the update too, but if recent Google Play reviews are anything to go by, the application still needs a ton more where those came from. Over on iOS, the app still carries the Health name. Now to see if a new moniker sparks fresh interest from its developers. Spoiler: it probably won’t.

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Timothy J. Seppala


  • I am not sure why the band gets so much crap. I can use it to map my runs, keep track of my workouts, and I find the golf app very useful as well.

    Is there another device that is capable of doing all of these things?
    I am afraid that if Microsoft does give up on the band, there won’t be a simple device that does everying
  • Jesus the ‘news’ that MS is not releasing a new Band this year hasn’t even remotely come from MS. It was mentioned by someone who ‘might’ know someone who knows something and suddenly all the news is taking it as gospel. Will you please just report the facts or if you can’t think of any of your own words then indicate that you intend to use rumour and speculation from non-official sources in your reporting..

  • Engadget still does half-assed “reporting” when it is about Microsoft. … And doesn’t change anything else. Maybe they will change, spoiler: they definately won’t.

  • Yeah for horribly biased and uninformed reporting!
    Other stuff changed, so do the research and don’t act like it didn’t.

    Works great for W10M, btw.. but I guess you can’t even mention that for completeness sake. Bury your head any further and it might never come out.

    Spoiler: you’re a terrible journalist.

    JUST KIDDING! That isn’t a spoiler, everyone knows it already.

  • They seem to have introduced a new bug where the app hangs on load. I’m not sure how a simple renaming would cause that. Renders it absolutely useless on my S7 Edge.

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