Pornhub presents its TwerkingButt, the future of sex toys

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Pornhub never ceases to amaze and its plan to expand their domains outside the network, today announced the launch of TwerkingButt , a sex toy that recreates a female bottom that is able to vibrate to simulate the provocative dance that was popularized by the hip-hop music in the nineties.

The vice president of the company, Corey Price said about it:

We are very excited about the launch of this product, because our goal is to provide our users the best experience in the field of interactive cyber-passion

And apparently they will very seriously, as well as develop applications iOS and Android to manipulate and customize the rhythmic pattern of TwerkingButt, this sex toy will also generate some heat, you will be synchronized with the music of your choice and will also be made a material which simulates the texture detail of human skin. All this in order to make the experience as realistic as possible-which claims to be maximized by including a virtual reality headset in the package.

This refined product hit the stores in August and if any of our readers are the lucky ones who has $ 699 in his wallet, now able to separate the classical version of TwerkingButt. But if the intention is to reach a level of supreme elegance, for just $ 300 more you can buy the deluxe version of this whimsical toy.

Who is going to cheer?

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