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Samsung exec explains 'facts' of the Galaxy Note 7 recall

Written by Richard Lawler

As Samsung tries to navigate through its Galaxy Note 7 mess, an executive is speaking directly to customers. In a message posted tonight, Samsung America President & COO Tim Baxter puts a personal face to the recall, continuing Samsung’s promise that new, less-volatile Galaxy Note 7s will be available “no later than September 21st.” We’ll see if the company is able to stick to that, but according to Baxter, an unnamed outside lithium battery expert affirmed Samsung’s findings on the safety of battery cells in the new units.

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Once those new phones hit the streets, ZDNet reports that you’ll be able to tell the difference because the battery indicator at the top right corner of the screen will be green instead of white. In Korea, exchanges are supposed to begin on the 19th, the first business day back after the local Thanksgiving holiday.

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  • Unfortunately Samsung is the first high profile manufacturer that has had a battery issue on such an unprecedented scale but there have been numerous Li-Ion battery fires over a number of different products from hover boards to laptops. So please everyone stop saying this is a Samsung issue because it’s not. It’s a lithium ion battery issue and if you look into how reactive this material is its shocking it hasn’t happened sooner.

  • And no one can recognize that your Note 7 is replaced. Airlines still think that you have a dangerous item with you. Samsung must do something.

  • I am in Canada and received my replacement Note 7 yesterday and it does not have a green battery icon . .

    The box did have a small black square in the top right corner of the serial number and IMIE number .
    Hats off to Samsung , they said I’d have it on the 15th of September and it arrived right on schedule .
  • How is Samsung getting a free pass? They actually came out and and recalled their phones. And only 1 in 92k or so has an issue. Americans still buy GM after those cars killed how many people? How about Toyota killing people with their stuck accelerator? We still use Firestone tires and so on and so on. I could go on all day over deadly recalls. How about people stop bashing Samsung for doing the right thing and remember they don’t manufacture batteries and expect the batteries to be QC checked and tested before shippment. Remember how Apple handled the antenna problem? “You’re holding the phone wrong” Haha.

  • Liar, liar, Note 7 is on fire. Samsung gets a free pass and in a couple of months no one will even remember this battery incident happened. Americans will still continue to buy smartphones from Samsung as usual. I’m sure many are already waiting for the Galaxy Note 8. It’s not as though anyone was killed, and even so, one fatal incident usually never ruins an entire company.

  • The video auto play is extremely annoying. I read my endgadget news in Feedly and have to scroll and scroll until I finally find out “where the audio is coming from”. Please disable this feature. Thanks.

  • if you dont want to pay the price of a new note 7 , just buy a refurb note 7 ,

    eitherway you end up with the best selling phone of late 2016 . no problems !
  • Is it bad that I’m hoping this lowers the price of the phones? I still want a Note 7, after they fix the battery issue of course. I’m hoping the battery issue drops the price of the phone going forward.

  • Going to iPhone after Android might be tough but you might like it. The iPhone seems to suit those people who want to be less technical with their phones.

  • If you have an interim phone I say wait for your 7+ to come. Apple did say it’s sold out in their stores but you might be able to get it at a best buy. I personally do not like iOS. But dont let anyone tell you not to try it if you havent already. The choice is all yours man.

  • Unless you had fallen out of love with Android (instead of Samsung), I would advise just looking at a different Android phone from another vendor (such as the LG V20).

  • I”m in the same boat….sitting on my s6 edge plus right now (complete pile of crap battery)….note 7 returned….

    Note 7 on order for when they start to sell again
    Iphone 7 plus ordered for delivery end of september…
    It’s tough call now….iphone is more open than even, and samsung is more locked down than ever (still obviously more open on android, but much closer).
  • Ahh this has me torn.. I’ve had Samsung phones for quite a while now. Upgraded to the Note 7 and decided to return it due to the recall. I really liked the phone though.

    That being said, because my Galaxy S6 was so horrible and with the recall i decided to switch to the iPhone 7Plus. But now thats been delayed, so I’m wondering if I made the wrong decision.
  • yes they are used to it in the US being beta testers , they test every new ios that comes out from apple ! then along comes the ten updares for bug fixes !

    lol lol lol
  • it does not mean you can use Note 7 in public when EU Note 7 is available.

    As long as we don’t know that all 2.5 million units are replaced and safe …
  • Did Tim fail to mention that the carriers are their customers? There’s a good reason that Samsung makes it impossible to return their phones: they don’t care about consumers.

  • That’s cute, Tim. There is no way for customers who bought directly on, you know, directly from your company, to resolve this mess. There is no exchange program. There is no return label (FedEx refuses to transport them). There is no loaner.

    Only option is to return at some point and re-buy in the future, which means we are back at the end of the line with everyone else. Nice treatment guys.
    Just get an iPhone. And never, EVER buy anything directly from Go to a carrier. They will treat you like a king. River does not give a rip about you. “Customers are our highest priority.”

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