Samsung Pay reaches the TVs so you can pay from the couch

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Samsung Pay is still taking shape, both face-to users, such as businesses that are going to make use of it. Which does not mean you do not go traveling new roads, beyond mobile devices and the payments you can do with them. Now is time for the TVs.

Yes, Samsung believes that the same service will take place in Smart TVs within the home. Not giving us too many details about the possibility, but at least gave us something of the interface with which you can pay digitally from the TV.

In short what Samsung is telling us is that its Smart TV platform grows in possibilities, and is a window into the purchase of content : games, movies, apps, etc.

Samsung Pay TV

Samsung Pay on Tizen

What is striking about this whole affair is that no Android TV in between, you know that Samsung has taken the rest with their platform Tizen OS cope all models of Smart TVs in 2015 , and is making progress to the maximum speed to reach the market.

Samsung Pay TVs has the support of most systems of credit and debit cards, also with that of PayPal. And the process of paying is in three simple steps – there is a personal PIN for operation – if everything is set as it should.

That’s all we got for now from the Korean company. Keep in touch with us as we promise to bring you the latest update related this news before anyone else.

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