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Scan photos into Office 365 with Office Lens on Windows 10

Written by David Lumb

Microsoft’s Office Lens app has let folks upload photos from their iOS and Android devices since April 2015. But now your Windows 10-running phone, tablet, PC can snap photos or even the Hololens, if that’s your thing.

With integration in the latest Windows OS, though, they’ve also added support for Office 365 if your business or personal accounts use that instead. It’s still got all the optical character recognition you’ve enjoyed with OneNote since 2013, meaning the text and figures are searchable once you’ve uploaded the images to OneDrive.

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David Lumb


  • who uses office 365 anyways? Subscription Office worst consumer service ever. Either you can buy the software and use it… Or just forget about it. This subscription business just an other way to rip off customers.

  • The update now makes it possible to transfer the image directly to a word, powerpoint, or pdf file without first going through the OneDrive connected OneNote. This will make it possible to scan a powerpoint slide from a presentation and have it directly in powerpoint without jumping through hoops.

  • Just pointing out that Office Lense has allowed photo uploads on Windows Phone for about 3 years now. I’ve been using it on the Lumia 1020, and 950 for a long time. I believe the compatibility with desktop and tablets is new.

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