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The best tech for college athletes

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Look, there’s clearly more to college life than studying and partying. There’s also sports! Before you hit the field, gym, rink or court it’s probably worth taking stock of how you can improve your game with a little help from modern technology. An Apple Watch or Vivosmart can count steps and track your gym sessions, while Polo makes a smart shirt that offers seriously in depth data about your body’s performance. There’s also sensors that can help you do things like improve your swing in golf or baseball. And, of course, after a long day of training, there’s nothing better than unwinding by watching your hometown team make a run at the World Series on Oh, and don’t forget to check out the rest of Engadget’s back-to-school guide here.

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  • Just came across this new app for showing video to a friend or your coach. I tried it out – took a video of my self working out, got my trainer on the app, showed my video (with controls I can stop, rewind, fast forward) and we are able to pause and talk to one another while watching the same frame. It’s awesome for sports – called Fimfum –

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