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The best tech for honor students

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Look, not everyone is cut out for late nights of drinking and playing DJ for groups of frat kids. Some would prefer to campout in the library until the wee hours of the morning studying and poring over notes and lectures. Of course, the days of pen, paper and microfiche are pretty much over at this point. You need powerful, digital tools like an Evernote subscription to help organize all your notes from class. And there’s nothing like a solid voice recorder to document all those early morning classes before you’re fully caffeinated. Of course you’ll also need the basics, like a backpack and a laptop. But, you might also want to invest in a portable energy light to help keep you awake and fight off bouts of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) when you’re spending 90 percent of your day indoors. Check out the gallery below for all our best bookworm picks and make sure to check out our full Back-to-School Guide right here.

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  • Them angles get me sometimes…sometimes a simple book and some quite space is all I need for libary studying. Also seen the office365 having trouble with installing those kinda things it’s something I would of already done alooooonnnggg time ago if I had the ability it’s weird how those kinda formates don’t work well on my phone and seem to have huge problems downloading or running cause I remember the signs.

  • Really, a smart pen, a Cintiq, and Evernote Premium, but not a Windows tablet and OneNote? Might as well recommend a MiniDisc player, Bose earbuds, and a Rhapsody subscription for an audiophile looking to get into portable music.

  • Plus, with so many campuses offering Office365 subscriptions, OneNote is free (in fact, it’s FREE ANYWAY) and is superior to Evernote.

    Not a very good list, honestly, from someone who works in Student Tech support at a college.
  • The Surface Pro is part of the guide already — it’s in the “first year” section. Believe me, we know it can be very useful!

  • Or you could just buy a surface pro or surface book and onenote and get rid of about half of that list (macbook, voice recorder, digital pen, evernote, cintiq (last one debatable but plenty of professionals are more than happy using a surface for design work)

    And kindle? This whole article is based on being in a library, where you’re surrounded by books, no need to be lugging them around (notto mention you can just read your books off your computer, and if surface, annotate all over them and highlight everything important, import pages into onenote alongside lectures etc..)

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