The cover of Time is the worst promotion of virtual reality that could have been done

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Time magazine has for years been considered as one of the most important publications in the world, bringing the public agenda and hundreds of topics. As any magazine, a major part of its success depends on the cover, and the cover of Time was characterized by becoming a landmark in the history of journalism , with celebrities, historical significance and even elements of our world.

But in recent years, Time has not been very smart in the selection of covers (and themes). This time the Time chose the topic of the moment: the Virtual Reality. But the assembly, design and selection of the cover has been very unfortunate, what has caused an issue, falling into two sectors: those who consider it a mockery and those who have used it to mock.

Palmer Luckey never had this level of exposure

Time Cover

As we see, on the cover himself appears Palmer Luckey , founder and CEO of Oculus VR, creator of the famous virtual reality , a company currently owned by Facebook .

The idea for the cover was to show the ability of virtual reality to make us travel and get out of our reality, with the image of flying barefoot Palmer appears to be a beach ? does that any how can explain its potential. But Palmer posture and overall composition lends itself to all kinds of interpretations as we know in the internet there are people specialize in it.

It all started when Cliff Bleszinski, designer and developer of video games, tweeted that he would like to see a contest using Photoshop , adapting the cover of Times with Palmer in various scenarios.Of course there had to spend five minutes so people began to send their contributions, and even in The Verge had the courtesy to publish the cropped image of Palmer in PNG, to facilitate the task.

And with that a new meme was born.Check out some of the best ones :

Palmer on Dinasour

Palmer loves to party

Palmer with future crew

Rainbow Fart

And many more like this is trending all around the internet. So thanks to Time for helping to create the best meme of 2015.

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