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The Engadget Podcast Ep 19: Simply the Best

In this week’s episode guest host Devindra Hardawar is joined by managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Chris Velazco as they run through the biggest winners of 2016. While it might have been a rough year for our musical legends, it was a pretty solid one for Netflix and Tesla. Heck, even in the throes of a growing fake news crisis, Facebook managed to have more wins than loses. And, once they’ve finished listing off all the ways emoji are taking over the world, they’ll look at some of the best gadgets of 2016.

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Winning %

Christopher Trout 7 2 .777
Mona Lalwani 3 1 .750
Dana Wollman 12 9 .571
Devindra Hardawar 15 12 .555
Chris Velazco 3 3 .500
Cherlynn Low 8 11 .421
Nathan Ingraham 4 6 .400
Michael Gorman 1 5 .167

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