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The Engadget Podcast returns!

In 2014 we said the Engadget Podcast was going on hiatus to “retool.” Well, we haven’t been sitting on our laurels. Over the last two years we’ve rethought our editorial mission, completely redesigned the website and, now, we’re launching a new and improved podcast.

This isn’t simply the old Engadget Podcast with a shiny new logo, no. We’re approaching it in a whole new way, and it will continue to evolve as we hear from you, our loyal listeners, readers and viewers. At its heart this is still a show about tech news, but one that is fast paced, informative and, most importantly, fun. You’ll hear editors debate the news of the week, get a peek inside the machine that is Engadget and enjoy deep dives on the stories that have changed our world (for better or worse).

We’re also making sure that you can enjoy the show in as many ways as possible. We’ve got a beautiful landing page where you’ll find every episode in audio or video format, plus a text transcription for the hearing impaired. You can watch us on YouTube, Facebook Live, listen on SoundCloud or subscribe through your podcast service of choice. You’ll currently find the show on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher and Pocket Casts.

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In Episode One: Your Racist Friend, editors Cherlynn Low, Devindra Hardawar and Nathan Ingraham join host Terrence O’Brien to debate iPhone rumors, explore the perks of renting gadgets, and express their utter exasperation at Snapchat’s racist filters.

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  • HP Chromebook 13 review: a great laptop that doesn’t come cheap
  • Why the Olympics need GIFs
  • Yes, ‘No Man’s Sky’ has a few issues
  • Snapchat’s racist yellowface filter lands it in hot water
  • Snapchat’s 420 Bob Marley filter is just digital blackface

You can check out every episode on The Engadget Podcast page in audio, video and text form for the hearing impaired.

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  • Happy to see my favorite tech site doing a podcast, and the first episode is pretty good, hope it continues. Good content overall, but no surprise, Terrance sounds just as pretentious as he writes. He sounds like the journalists over at the verge, should leave some of the folks at Engadget that keep it real in charge of the podcast. MORE CHRIS VELAZCO!

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