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Touring around Xiaomi's headquarters and Mi Home store

Written by Richard Lai

Xiaomi was quite a different animal when I first visited back in August 2011: It only occupied three floors in a small building, the cubicles were tight, security was loose (I literally just walked in almost every time) and people were working crazy long hours almost seven days a week. That was right after the company launched its very first device, the original Xiaomi Phone, which set a new definition for affordable flagship smartphones in China. Fast-forward to today and you’ll find yourself looking at a global brand that has gone well beyond mobile and online, while its latest smartphones — namely the Mi Note 2 and Mi MIX — are looking better than ever. To see for yourself, check out our photo tour around Xiaomi’s latest headquarters and a strangely familiar-looking Mi Home store nearby.

Gallery: Touring around Xiaomi’s headquarters and Mi Home store | 33 Photos

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  • If you can’t beat em, copy em. It obviously works, it was the tactic Samsung used for smartphones initially and they’re now the biggest android player globally. Xiaomi take it a step further and copy whoever is popular; apple (iphone, macbook air, store design), google (services, employee workspace), samsung (note line, curved screens) etc. etc.

  • It’s funny people keep on saying Apple isn’t innovating yet they continue to be the company that everyone still copies the most frequently.

  • Sad to see people copying Apple on every step of the way. That’s why Apple will always be the originator of the technology in cell phones and laptops.

  • well they are doing a great job of displaying the new apple anniverary phone

    the xiaomi mi mix ! well done and next year apple will do the same ?
    its a shame no one copies apple any more , they just do something better !
  • I really, really hope the pixel is the start of Google locking out their lazy uninnovative hardware partners so they’ll be forced to make their own OS. Thank goodness MS and Apple are locking more of their hardware to their software and showing how you can truly stop low cost counterfeiters and two bit knock off peddlers from messing up your original ecosystem.

  • “why is Engadget showing an Apple Store picture in a Xiaomi article.”

    Actually, the Xiaomi Store looks like a cheap knockoff (using cheaper materials and furnishings) than the Microsoft Store… Which is a a cheap knockoff (using cheaper materials and furnishings) than the Apple Store.
    So really, the Xiaomi Store is a “twice removed” cheap knockoff of the Apple Store. ????
  • So the Chinese have absolutely ZERO shame in copying other products or retail store experiences. Like at first look you think “why is Engadget showing an Apple Store picture in a Xiaomi article.” But then you realize oh no the typical Chinese mentality of counterfeiting and piracy has prevailed yet again. SMFH.

  • Wow, how pathetic. Even steveharty would probably agree that the store is shamelessly ripping off Apple.

    Well, maybe not steveharty, but anyone that’s not a pathetic loser likely on the verge of suicide would.

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