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Vizio's SmartCast soundbars don't work well with Spotify for now

Written by Billy Steele

Vizio’s line of SmartCast soundbars and speakers tout Google Cast for wireless audio streaming from a variety of apps. One of those apps is Spotify, a massively popular music streaming service. Unfortunately, the Cast functionality with that particular library of tunes isn’t working like it should. There are a number of posts in both Spotify and Google’s forums from users who say Vizio’s latest soundbars don’t show up as an option for Casting in the streaming app. Spotify’s software isn’t recognizing the speakers as available gadgets for playing music. Reports of the issue go back as far as late July, over a month after the SmartCast soundbars went on sale.

While the situation is certainly a headache for folks who already bought Vizio’s audio gear, the company says a fix is on the way. “Vizio, Google and Spotify are aware of an issue on the soundbars and are working closely on improvements via a firmware update,” the company told Engadget. “Once available, the product will update automatically. In the meantime, we recommend using Bluetooth when streaming from Spotify.”

Bluetooth isn’t the best option in terms of audio quality, but at least the secondary connectivity offers a way for owners to still use Vizio’s soundbars with Spotify in the interim. Vizio doesn’t have a timeline for when the fix will be available, so Bluetooth may be the only option for using that particular music service for the foreseeable future. Users report that Cast functionality works well in other audio apps, so the issue appears to be limited to using Spotify with Vizio’s group of soundbars. The company didn’t mention any issues with the recently released Crave 360 speaker that went on sale earlier this month.

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  • But Google Music was ranked higher than spotify and apple music. Has 15million more songs than spotify, 5 million more than apple, and gives you the best bang for your buck with Youtube Red included.. which has different licensing with videos from people who have pulled their music from normal streaming, like Taylor Swift, who can’t legally block you from streaming music from her video on youtube. So in effect you get access to those artists who attempt to remove themselves from streaming services.

    So why are people still using spotify or Apple Music?
  • same setup here and same results. Until this morning.

    After weeks of not having my sound bar available in Spotify, it showed back up today. I didn’t update my iOS spotify app today, so maybe the sound bar had a firmware update last night?
  • I have a 2016 Vizio p series TV that is always recognized by the Spotify app, but never the smartcast soundbar system. If you have an android device you should be able the OS cast option to cast the “screen” directly to the soundbar while Spotify is open. I do it from the TV tablet remote when I don’t want the TV on to display album artwork.

  • So in an article that has nothing to do with Apple, you cherry pick a single sentence from an article that talks about issues with Google Cast and Vizio soundbars not working together and spin it into an childish Apple comment? Wow. I’ve seen insecurity before, but this takes the cake. Pathetic.

  • I think Apple is pushing Audio over Lightning, not necessarily bluetooth… in fact their “air pods” don’t even use bluetooth so I am pretty sure your comment holds no merit.

  • And the lesson learned from this article?

    “Bluetooth isn’t the best option in terms of audio quality”

    Take note Apple.

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