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Wirecutter's best deals: $65 off an OXO coffee brewing system

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You may have already seen Engadget posting reviews from our friends at The Wirecutter. Now, from time to time, we’ll also be publishing their recommended deals on some of their top picks. Read on, and strike while the iron is hot — some of these sales could expire mighty soon.

ChargeTech Portable AC Power Outlet

Street price: $170; MSRP: $185; Deal price: $128 with codes SAVE25 and 15OFF

The first great deal we’ve seen on this portable power supply, and it’s a big one. Almost $50 below the street price when you combine two of their current coupons, SAVE25 and 15OFF. This deal includes free shipping.

The ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet is our pick for the best portable AC power supply. Mark Smirniotis said, “If you need to plug in your AC-based gear when you’re traveling, outdoors, or in a crowded coffee shop, this 27-Ah hardcover-book-size battery pack will seem like a lifesaver.”

For more detail about the capacity, “The ChargeTech has a roughly 97-watt-hour (Wh) capacity–that’s enough to charge most midsize laptops once or twice.”

LG LW8016ER Air Conditioner

Street price: $230; MSRP: $240; Deal price: $200

The first good deal we’ve seen on our pick this summer, though a bit too late for many people on the east coast. At $200, this is $20 below what Target sells it for when it’s in-stock, and $30 below Amazon’s usual price. If you have a REDCard, you can save an additional 5%.

The LG LW8016ER is our pick for the best air conditioner. Liam McCabe wrote, “Compared with other window ACs at this price, this LG is easier on the ears and gives you more control. It’s great for an office or den.”

For more detail on the noise, “Most air conditioners are loud, but the LW8016ER is the least-worst of the $250-ish window ACs that we’ve been able to test because it’s a bit quieter overall and sounds lower-pitched.”

Green Extreme Canon DSLR Battery

Street price: $35; MSRP: $35; Deal Price: $20

The first great drop we’ve seen on this third party battery, a full $15 below the street price. This is sold from Adorama’s Amazon store and comes with free shipping.

The Green Extreme is our pick for the best third party camera battery. The WC staff wrote that it’s a, “long-lasting, fast-charging OEM alternative” to the regular batteries.

They also wrote, “The Green Extreme and Watson units provided the largest real-world capacities and turned out to be the most reliable performers of the group; the Green Extreme’s much faster charging times made it our overall choice.”

OXO On 12-Cup Coffee Brewing System

Street price: $300; MSRP: $300; Deal price: $235

This coffee maker rarely drops in price as is, and this new sale is only a few bucks above the best price we’ve seen to date. Most of the sales on this tend to drop it $30 to $270, so it’s worth holding out for these larger discounts.

The OXO On 12-Cup Coffee Brewing System is our larger upgrade pick for the best coffee maker. Cale Guthrie Weissman said, “Like the 9 cupper, it makes a good cup of coffee that is SCAA certified. But it does something that no other SCAA-approved machine has been able to do: heat up 12 cups of water long enough to brew a good, large amount of coffee. It does this by heating up all the water before in a separate carafe, and then transporting this water over to the filter basket. In addition to being easy to fill, the water reservoir also works as a standalone kettle. That way if you have people over and want to make eight cups of coffee and save four cups of hot water for tea, you can program that into the machine using its Nest-like control dial.”

He did write about one drawback though, “A major drawback is that since the OXO preheats the water before brewing the coffee, it takes longer than many other machines. It took more than 8 minutes to make a normal eight-cup (1-liter) batch of coffee (mind you, it would take even longer if you were making the full 12 cups).”

Deals change all the time, and some of these may have expired. To see an updated list of current deals, please go to The

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