Xbox One adds DVR: Now you can record your favorite shows to watch later

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Although many operators offer in today decoders with recording functionality, the truth is that its use is not widespread among users. In order to become the ultimate media center, and after a while announcing the availability of a TV tuner , Microsoft continues to surprise with a new useful feature: the Xbox One will also be a DVR device .

What does this mean? You can record your favorite programs and series, and not just on the fly, but you can schedule recordings or select “record” remotely. Recording can be performed whether you’re using the console or not and will be a free service, available throughout the year 2016. Of course, only be available for DTT channels.


If you expand the program guide of Xbox One, from there you can select the series or programs and recording set from there: if you want to record all the episodes, for example. Not only the recorded content may be reproduced only in the Xbox itself, but may be sent by streaming to any device that is within the network, including iOS and Android mobile app with Smart Glass. And if you’re going to travel and not have Internet? You can also download for viewing offline.

Series on Xbox one

You will need, in addition to the tuner, external hard drive that need to connect to the console via USB. There the recordings will be stored for an unlimited period of time, something that Microsoft insist on “no limits or other restrictions: You can record something and keep it forever, allowing you to build an impressive collection of your series, programs and sporting events “.

A great addition to Xbox One functionality list, what do you think ?

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