Xbox One is Getting Windows 10 in November

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In the latest Gamescom, Microsoft has made the announcement that the new operating system of theirs, the Windows 10 will come to Xbox One in November with some more features and a brand new User Interface for the console. It was known to all that a new update for the console of Microsoft was on the chart but when, that was the big question. In 2013 with the launch of Xbox One, Microsoft has been using the Windows 8 layout on the console system but with this new announcement there are coming some great upgrades to this gaming console such as the support of DirectX 12 and a new UI. Besides these, there are some new improvements and inclusions will be witnessed by the console owners, like the all new OneGuide design, a Store makeover, and support for Universal apps created with Windows 10.


But the most intriguing part is the arrival of the intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator Cortana, which will transform this console with some capabilities that the users never thought of before.But to talk with your console, you would need Kinect and that’s a disappointment as not all the Xbox One users have this on their disposal. As you can remember that Microsoft at the start of their selling of Xbox One made it imperative with their consoles before changing their plan later when they saw it really didn’t help their sales. After their change of plans, around 50% or more users didn’t find any need to buy a piece that is no good to them. So, how many will get the opportunity to use the full potential of Cortana is a big question. Other then this, Microsoft also introduced the world with their new chatpad for the Xbox One, the Xbox 360 backward compatibility and their DVR support that will come to the console real soon.

The additional features really make the Xbox One quite interesting to the buyers, specially their intention of universal applications running on the platform. The main objective of Microsoft is to create an integrated functionality between their console and PC ecosystem which Sony wouldn’t be able to match. And if they are successful on their quest then it will reflect on their sales of consoles where they have been struggling against the Sony console from the beginning of the new era of the new generation of consoles.


Right now, Japanese company Sony owns the market with their PlayStation 4 that has sold more times than both Xbox One & WiiU combined. This shows the domination of Sony and others are really concerned with that, specially Microsoft as they are the main rivals of Sony. Reasons of Sony doing great is that they have come with a great console which is faster than Microsoft’s but the console Xbox One isn’t that slow which makes a great difference in the sales. The main reason Xbox One is so behind PS4 is because the disastrous opening that Xbox One had. Their plan wasn’t clear and they didn’t offer enough functionality to users, that’s why they weren’t able to lure the buyers to buy their consoled instead of Sony’s. In fact the company went with the plans to sell their console with Kinect 2.0 with a price so high that even those who were fans of Xbox went for the gaming console of Sony.

Good thing is that, Microsoft has learnt from their mistakes and taken necessary moves by changing their policies to get back in the business to compete with Sony. And that’s why they are including and improving their console with new features and all that but the fact is that even features like DirectX 12 won’t help that much to improve the console’s performance as the Xbox One already has a low-overhead API. So if you’re thinking of massive improvements then you need the reality check keeping things on mind that the game hasn’t been optimized for DX12 from the ground up. But we can hope that things would get better with the time and will get games adapt to the new DirectX variant.

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